What does consignment mean?

Consigning means you are placing your items with us to sell.  Any items accepted on consignment will be priced by us and placed for sale.  The items which we accept remain your property until they are sold.  Your account is then credited 45% of the selling price on items priced under £75 and 60% on items priced over £75.

What items do you accept?

Girls and boys brand named clothing age 0-10 years – new with tags, or ‘as new’ condition, current styles and seasonally appropriate

Girls and boys footwear age 0-10 years in new or ‘as new’ condition

Brand name maternity wear in all sizes, current styles and seasonally appropriate

Brand name nursery and children’s nursery/bedroom decor

All types of baby gear and equipment, eg high chairs, cots, cribs, walkers, bumbos, jumperoos (in full working order with no signs of wear) (excluding feeding equipment, car seats)

Toys – we are extremely limited on space so please discuss any toys with us before bringing them in. If batteries are required please ensure they are provided and working to enable us, and potential buyers, to test the product.  New toys or in original packaging are better sellers.

Nursery furniture including cots, cribs, cotbeds, changing units, wardrobes, etc.  Again, please contact us before bringing larger items in so we can ensure we have floor space to display them

Prams, buggies and strollers. Please ensure they are clean (including wheels) and in full working order and, as with other larger items, give us a call before bringing it in so we can ensure we have space.  All prams go through a list of checks to ensure they are in good working condition.

What condition should my items be in?

We will only accept items that are new with tags or in ‘as new’ condition.  We regret that we cannot accept items with any marks, or flaws, regardless of how small they may be.  Clothing should be laundered and pressed (crushed items will not be accepted).  Clothing will be lightly steamed before going on the shop floor, so the more shop ready your items are the quicker they will go out for sale.

How much should I expect to make from my used items?

We will price items fairly, to sell.  Market research shows that people are happy to pay a fair price when they can see and feel the quality and condition of the item.  No more risks selling on-line and only getting 99p!

Do you only sell used items?

No, we encourage consignment of items still with labels as they will sell at a higher price.  We have also sourced local designers of children’s and babies’ items who currently sell privately or on-line and will feature their items in store, expanding the variety of choices for our customers.

Why should I consign instead of selling privately online?

Consigning with Piggy in the Middle provides you with a safe and reliable way to make money from your unwanted items. We take away the need for inviting complete strangers to your home or meeting in car parks, and there is no need for the time consuming practise of listing individual items online and constant trips to the post office.  Plus, it’s easy!  You just drop the items off and we do the rest.  The perfect solution for busy families.

What happens if my items don’t sell?

To keep the stock and feel of the shop fresh, items will be available for a maximum of 12 weeks.  Should it not initially sell, the price will be  reduced for a short period before it is removed from the floor.  At this point you can either pick up the item or we will happily donate your item to one of our local charities on your behalf.  Items donated will be used to support  Moray Firth Radio Cash for Kids along with other local children’s charities.  So all your items will go to a very worthwhile and local cause.

Can I change my mind about items I have consigned? 

Yes, the items still belong to you until they sell.  So unless we have completed the sale of your items, you are entitled to collect them at any time.

How do I get paid for items that have sold? 

We have a computerised system that logs and inventories all items you have consigned with us.  As soon as an item sells the credit will be added on your account and you can spend this in the store at any time.  Should you wish to receive the money from your account you can arrange with us to either collect cash or cheque from the store, or have a cheque posted out to you.  Account values can be checked at any time in store or via email inquiry.

What do I have to do to become a consigner?

It’s easy.  Contact us by clicking on the “Get in Touch” option on our website, or via email, Twitter, Facebook or telephone and we will arrange a time for you to bring items in.  Then all you do is drop off your items, sign the contract and we take it from there.  Simple.  The items we accept will then be registered in our system, tagged, priced and put out for sale.  You will receive a copy of the list of consigned items. Any items not accepted will be returned to you or donated to charity, whichever you prefer.

Do I need an appointment or can I just drop items off?

Yes.  We will be unable to accept any items if you don’t have an appointment.

Do you have parking near by when I drop off or pick up larger items?

Yes, we have loading bays on Strothers Lane,  Alternatively there is ample parking in the TK Maxx and Rose Street Car Park should you wish to park for longer than a few minutes.

Please check out our Hints and Tips page for more advice on how to become a successful consigner.