How does this work?

Consigning means you are placing your items with us to sell.  Any items accepted on consignment will be priced by us and placed for sale.  The items which we accept remain your property until they are sold.  Your account is then credited 45% of the selling price on items priced up to £75 and 60% on items over £75.  Your account will continue to add up as your items sell.  You can then use the credit on your account to purchase items or arrange for payment to be collected in store.

Why consign?

Little ones outgrow their clothes so quickly, sometimes getting only one wearing out of them. Do you have bundles of clothing and toys cluttering up your living space that your children have outgrown or no longer use? Children’s consignment just makes sense. It’s good for the economy, it’s good for the environment and it’s good for your wallet! Consigning with Piggy in the Middle provides you with a safe and reliable way to make money from unwanted items. We take away the need for inviting complete strangers to your home or meeting in car parks, and there is no need for the time consuming practise of listing individual items online and constant trips to the post office.

Sign me up!

The process is easy. Look out up to 25 of your best children’s items. Let us know when you will be dropping off your items. Sign our contract. Sit back and wait for the money to come in!

Further information

We ask that you please arrange a time to drop off your items.  We then hand-select, inspect, tag, and hang all clothing.  We make every effort to make sure we get your items out for sale quickly, so we try to limit consignments to  a maximum of 25 pieces per drop off.

Clothing must be freshly laundered, pressed and saleable.  Clothing with stains, pet hair, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers and worn spots will not sell so they cannot be accepted.  Non-working toys or games with missing pieces also do not sell and cannot be accepted (batteries must be included). The best way to make sure your items sell is to make sure they are attractive to the buyer.  Spend some time to sort through your items and make sure they are saleable to avoid disappointment.  See our ‘Hints and Tips’ and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page for more advice on consignment.

Make sure we have got room – larger items such as strollers, outdoor toys and baby walkers can only be accepted as room permits.  When you get in touch we will ask you what you intend to bring.  Please be sure to mention larger items so we can let you know if we have room.  Typically, if we don’t have room at the present time, we will take your name and call you when we do.

Above all … Read the consignment contract and get all the tips from our web-site to ensure success as a consigner.