Piggy in the Middle is keen to support local charities in the following ways:

Become a Charitable Donator – If you wish to donate your income from sold items to one of our supported local charities, we are happy to set you up as a Charitable Donator.  On a quarterly basis, we will inform all charitable donators of our total donations.  Please see below for all supported charities.  You can change from Standard to Charitable consigner (and vice versa) at any time on request.

Donate non-sold items to local charity shops – At the end of the consignment term if any of your items have not sold you will have the option to donate the unsold items to a local charity, rather than picking them up from the shop.  Likewise, if there are items you drop off that we do not accept for sale in the shop and you do not want them back, we are happy to ensure they are given to a registered charity shop for sale and recycling.